Dr. Austin has extensive experience working with the following conditions:

Functional Disturbances
liver, gall bladder, kidney, lung

Metabolic Conditions
cardiovascular and glucose regulating

Digestive Imbalances
Stomach, pancreatic and intestinal conditions, dysbiosis: viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitic overgrowths

Endocrine Disturbances
hormonal balancing

Nervous System Disturbances
melancholy, depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive and post-traumatic stress conditions, autistic spectrum conditions

Immune Dysfunctions
sensitivities, allergies, hyperactivity-attention deficit, autoimmunity

respiratory, ear, digestive, urinary, dermal

Pain Afflictions
musculoskeletal, headaches, neuralgic (herpes zoster)

Chronic Conditions and Diseases

Skin Conditions

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