“I feel very fortunate to be a patient of Dr. Liza Austin. She is generous with both her time and medical knowledge. Above all, she is a compassionate listener who effectively integrates her intuitive wisdom with her naturopathic training.  I appreciate this holistic approach to health care!”

– J.S., Saanichton, BC

“Liza has been my ND for over 13 years. I think it is her incredible knowledge, competence, kindness and her genuine caring and compassion which makes Liza a wonderful doctor. I have learned so much about natural health and our natural ability to heal from Liza.  She uses a treatment called auricular medicine to both diagnose and to recommend treatment for any imbalances in the body. Recently, while going through a difficult time, Liza was able to use this technique and I was so grateful for relief and healing so quickly. Liza has treated my children over the years and recently as well with amazing results.  Liza is a wonderful person and great Naturopathic Doctor and I will continue to recommend her to friends and family.”

– G.B, nurse and mother, Sidney, BC

“I have been a patient of Liza’s for several years and have always found her to be empathetic, compassionate and dedicated to improving and/or sustaining my health. She has been particularly helpful to me in dealing with stress, the challenges of aging and in understanding the body/mind/spirit connection.”

– R.S.,  Saanichton, BC

“I first visited Dr. Austin at the beginning of going into menopause. I was in quite a depressed state of affairs but after my first visit I already felt better. I enjoyed the energy treatment (auricular medicine) from which Dr. Austin was able to determine what my body was needing at the time and prescribe various herbal and homeopathic remedies.  They have all helped and to date my severe hot flashes have calmed right down. Since I have started my treatments with Dr. Austin I have had a sunnier outlook and I have more confidence to go out there and be the best that I can be.”

– N.H.,  Deep Cove, BC

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