The Practice

Dr. Liza K. Austin practices Naturopathic Medicine and uses Auricular Medicine to diagnose and treat her clients. Her concentration is on bio-therapeutic drainage and detoxification and uses various natural substances, nutritional, herbal and homeopathic. She incorporates the latest scientific medical research and conventional medical tests to optimize the process. She counsels and teaches skills to optimize one’s health and survival.

Dr. Austin strives to re-establish her patients’ wellness. Wellness is an ebb and flow state, always striving to create freedom of limitations in all four levels of our existence: Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual. Disease, equally an ebb and flow state, is caused by an imbalance in the functioning of these four levels.

Through Auricular Medicine, an energetic reflex technique, she works with her clients to stimulate self-healing and remove the causes that block that. The implemented therapies and treatments support the individual’s body as it specifically responds to external stress, toxic challenges and energetic impressions, which have manifested into the current state of disease. It is an individualized approach to healing and it rewarding to observe patients move from weakness to vitality and ultimately auto regulating their own wellness.

Symptoms are our bodies’ expression of being out of balance and breaking down. Modern Medicine categorizes these symptoms, gives them names, creates specializations around them and implements therapies concentrating in targeting and removing them. Biotherapeutic Drainage and Auricular Medicine, on the other hand, prioritizes the process of healing according to our bodies’ own wisdom. It strives to create balance in all body systems while not imposing on others. It can address imbalances and improve them at any stage or age a person may be at.

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