Naturopathic Medicine honours the inherit ability of all living things to heal themselves as they strive to extend their life span and pass on their genetic imprint to future generations. Naturopathic medicine uses time tested traditions and empirical findings accumulated globally as humans continue to evolve. It encompasses the discoveries of modern medicine while continuing to evaluate the innate intelligence of the human body and spirit on a clinical level.


Naturopathic medicine searches for the inherent healing potential and identifies and eliminates the cause of the illness or disease, which can also be described as imbalances within the body’s system. To achieve balance, naturopathic medicine treats the whole person in all four levels of existence; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, allowing a deeper level of healing.


Life can be seen a race against time. It is a great balancing act of walking a fine line between what is beneficial to us and what is not. Information is passed on by the nurturing and parenting we received from our ancestors. What they have learned has been genetically passed on to us. They can be seen as our teachers, empowering us to strive for our potentials. Naturopathic doctors tap into this wealth of information as they guide us to a balanced existence.